Voter Guide Videos – 2020

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Here on this page are links to our 7-episode series titled “Why They Don’t Want You To Vote”.

First, all 9 hours or so of content can be found on YouTube:

Below, I’ve created links to different points in each video for different topics that we discussed in the series:


What’s on the Ballot

City Council Members and School Board Trustees

State Assembly and State Senate

Congress and the President

Propositions and Measures

What’s a Proposition? What’s a Measure? What’s a Bond?

Proposition 14

Proposition 15

Proposition 16

Proposition 17 (short explanation)

Proposition 18 (short explanation)

Proposition 19 (short explanation)

Proposition 20

Proposition 21

Proposition 22

Proposition 23

Proposition 24 (short explanation)

Proposition 25 – Crimes, Jails, Prisons, and Bail

The Supreme Court

Tracking Your Ballot and Late Voter RegistrationĀ 

Voter Demographics and Turnout

Lodi, California, Turnout and Participation

San Joaquin County and the State of California, Turnout and Participation

Congressional District CA-9, Turnout and Participation

The Census

Online Voter Registration



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Jon Ivy is an attorney and analyst in Sacramento, CA who writes regularly about California's government.

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